Biography of Jesreel

René Gfeller, as is the current name of the author, has over his 64 years experienced virtually all facets of pain and suffering, as well as happiness and success, imaginable. Born in Switzerland on 6 August 1954, it did not take long for him to become acquainted with the dark side of life. In spite of these adverse circumstances, he managed to work his way up to becoming a successful entrepreneur and millionaire.

When God recruited him 20 years ago, appropriating him through Jesus’ righteousness, he had spent the last five years in a Swiss prison cell, where he remains incarcerated to this day – even after serving his sentence. It is in these desolate surroundings that God prepared and anointed him for his task. After being given the name “Jesreël” by God, initial relations with individual members of the Israeli parliament were quickly established. Now, René (or “Jesreël”) is an ex-perienced and pragmatic servant of the Lord, who lives following the laws, but – having experienced the grace of God himself – criticises legalism all the same.


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